Machine Learning Trial


I read the chapters 6-7 of Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations by Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown to get a better idea of how I can implement empirical game theory and multi agent system that utilizes game theory.

I spent half of this weeks on getting the machine learning agents working; however, empirical game theory was a completely new field for me so I couldn’t get it to work with a 4-5 hour commitment. Although I was not able to implement machine learning this week, I do plan to finish what I started with a multi agent system that utilizes game theory.

Getting Ready For Design Expo

Expo Presentation


Created presentation slides and speech for the expo.

The slides can be accessed here

Small Tweaks

Number of Games to play

  • Added a field to the main menu that dictates how many games are going to be played.

Better Location For Log Files

  • Adjusted where log files are stored in, for accessibility.

Game Settings

  • Tweaked costs and scoring to be optimal for a 20-score game.

Tie Breaking

  • Adjusted the tie breaking logic.

UI Adjustments

  • Made it so that the UI doesn’t shift into play-field in common screen ratios such as 16:9.

  • Added Title

Statistics Excel Files

  • Adjusted data analysis files for better accessibility.


Super Rock Paper Scissors can be downloaded here



Weekly Time Spent on Project SeeSaw

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TOTAL 9:00