This week has been a busy week, so the update will be brief

Polishing the Super Rock Paper Scissors Code

I’ve spent some time converting all internal state changes to be done through the pub/sub system, so that more internal actions can be controlled by external tools.

Card system is now semi-functional, players and AI can play and buy cards alike.

Turn-Based AI Research

Along with the Super Rock Paper Scissor’s development, I looked into how I can best write Turn-Based AI for the game.

Turn-Based RPG AI

Gives a good idea of turn-based game structure and a brief example of simple Turn-Based RPG AI.

Designing AI Algorithms For Video Games


Talks about a scoring system can be used to prioritize certain actions that AI may choose. This is especially useful since I want to be able to alter how much the AI values an action over the others.

Beginner’s Guide To Game AI



Explains what Game AI is and what it is not and goes over some common design patterns for creating Game AI.

It mentions that the Game AI has 3 steps: Sense, Think, and Act. Mentions that the AI is supposed to provide entertainment and challange rather than be optimal, and that the AI should make human-like decisions and feel natural.

While I will be writing AI that stress-tests the game by following extreme strategies, I also want to make sure I have AI that makes human-like decisions to monitor the game-play without needing to playtest with real players.

Explains AI decision making from several design patterns. Goes over decision trees, finite state machines, hierarchical state machines, behavior trees, utility-based systems, planning and pathfinding AI options, weight-based adaptation, markov models, and n-grams.





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